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Welcome to "Dish Washing (Simulator)", this game is basically about... well... you guessed it "WASHING DISHES". this is just a short silly game i made on my free time. If you do make any Youtube videos about it then feel free to put your video in the comments, there is a good chance i will watch it :D. Hope you guys enjoy!!


(!IMPORTANT!) -- This game is meant to be played with MEDIUM,  HIGH, VERY HIGH, OR ULTRA GRAPHICS , if any lower you may experience bugs in the game.


Install instructions

This is the simple part :D

1:  Download the files

2: Right click the file and click extract

3: Play!


DishWashingSimulator.zip 35 MB


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I hit a nasty bug and got stuck in a wall but honestly this was way more fun than it had any right being! Good job! haha

(This is the third game in the video)

I earned my freedom and also grew ten feet tall!

Your game starts at 3:30

thanks for playing :D

lmao idk why i made this

thes games to easy to beat  and fnish

it was just a quick project i made, nun to crazy, but thanks for trying it out :D

The postproccessing effects are too heavy, I have a gaming computer and well... Whatever. I also have to tell you that the game gives you WAY TOO MUCH SPEED, and now I'm stuck to the wall :(. Watch this video:

(1 edit)

yo my bad dawg, ill see what i can do, the reason why i gave such a fast speed was cuz i wanted to player to get around the place quick, but nah i see what your saying the game does have some bugs i gotta fix tho, ay but thanks for trying it out man :)

np :D